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Thread: Blarg!

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    One of my old roommates used to have a bottle of pure capsaicin in the spice cabinet. No joke, the dropper bottle came housed in a prescription drug bottle w/poison warnings on it (skull & crossbones, etc.). He'd put that crap on steaks, chips, mixed drinks, pretty much anything. Nasty. I'm all about good spicy food, but nasty.
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    If you're a real man you'll take a swing of coke and throw on some sherbet.

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    For some reason that reminds me of the time I bet one of my high school buddies 20 bucks that he couldn't eat a 12" stack of saltine crackers in under a minute. He took it & proceeded to choke around the 6" mark, spraying crackers everywhere when he started coughing.
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    That's just SEXY!!!

    I got one to add. When I was little my Grandfather would drink an egg cracked into a beer. UGH I would always gag watching him. Because when i was really small I wanted to be like him and downed a raw egg. Let's just say that was not a petty sight. LOL

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    Where i went to college, they used to have egg snorting competitions. Be one on one, who can snort the most eggs in a minute. The time I saw it, the winner snorted a couple of dozen, i think he hit 32 eggs.
    Someone would crack the eggs one at a time in a small pan for the guy, and he'd grab the pan and SNORT the f*cking thing down. THAT was seriously twisted.
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    christ, anything to do with raw eggs like that is weird and makes me sick to my stomach, : X

    the crackers thing is funny though, i'd probably bet someone to try that, /whistle innocently

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loibisch View Post
    Believe me, tasting a drop of that 700K sauce on a taco alters your mind significantly. For example you can't stop thinking "IneedmilkIneedmilkIneedmilkIneedmilk*"
    Or you think, "What was I thinking?"

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    Now that had to be a rude awakening!
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