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Thread: Happy Birthday Brizz

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    Default Happy Birthday Brizz

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    Thanks! Always nice to be recognized

    <BigFolks> Please, if you are going to use my name in your post, capitalize it.

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    Have a good day, Pal!

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    Congrats, Sir. Celebrate it well, because birthdays don't come along each day.

    (on second thought, you might have become a bit too old for these smiley's...oh, well...there's always next year).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir_Brizz View Post
    Thanks! Always nice to be recognized
    Weeeeell, I recognise your nick, avatar(s) and writing style, but .... :P

    It matters not.

    Happy aging pal!

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    Happy birthday Brizz!

    Proud member of pdX and Ci.
    "The biggest obstacle in life is yourself overcome it and you will achieve the greatest accomplishment of all."
    - Master Art Biens '82

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    woohoo! happy b-day brizz
    freelancing agent of chaos

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    Happy birthday!!!!!

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