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Thread: The great Ci Quote Topic

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    [14:21] <[Ci]pHuNkY> >:-|
    [14:21] <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:21] <[Ci]ArXcis> &#092;o/
    [14:22] <[Ci]pHuNkY> was too afraid to use it on the "clanmatch" today
    [14:22] <[Ci]pHuNkY> +though
    [14:22] <[Ci]edhe`afk> previous mouse?
    [14:22] <[Ci]pHuNkY> mx300
    [14:22] <[Ci]edhe`afk> hmm, improvement then
    [14:22] <[Ci]pHuNkY> but i&#39;m used to the damn mx300
    [14:22] <[Ci]edhe`afk> my mx500&#39;s getting knackered i think, at the buttons
    [14:22] * ChanServ sets mode: +l 16
    [14:22] <[Ci]pHuNkY> dunno if that&#39;ll do any good
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:23] <[Ci]ArXcis> Phunky you will move the 510 can almost promise
    [14:23] <[Ci]pHuNkY> haahahha
    [14:23] * [Ci]Kashll high fives pHuNkY
    [14:23] <[Ci]ArXcis> oh dear god here it goes
    [14:23] <[Ci]pHuNkY> &#092;o/
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> <[Ci]pHuNkY> i bought logitech mx-510
    [14:23] <[Ci]pHuNkY> i was certain about that
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> i switched to it from a wireless mouse
    [14:23] <[Ci]Kashll> my hitscan went from and average of 20% to and average of 30%
    [14:23] <[Ci]pHuNkY> now thats what i call imrovement
    [14:24] * [Ci]edhe`afk felches [Ci]Kashll around a bit with 3 wallabies and a duck.
    "On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not survive long" -Emanuel Lasker

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    On Teamspeak 2:

    Ender: are we all on TS2 btw?
    graou: I&#39;m not.

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    When I had a chat with gramps on icq:

    gramps: so the legal ppl are having drama with Steam, while the warez junkies are waiting for their fix

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    Oct about showing a new squirrelly map

    Kashll this is mostly for you as I know your affinity for all things retarded
    Making funny, funnier since 1973!

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    Jani on one of edhe&#39;s demo&#39;s:

    "Compressed vs g and edhe=pwndjani"

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    [03:48:43] <@[Ci]Pro|filer|rusty> im with the top 500 player of aom
    [03:50:55] <@[Ci]Sta> wow
    [03:50:58] <@[Ci]Sta> u r 1227
    * Jacob seriously, please remove some text from your signature, it fills half my screen -Savatage
    * Cooperative mode with JacoB activated :P -pHuNkY
    * Ah yes, our quest for Ci domination goes well. Tha tous ga**soume olous!!!! -cryco
    * Moonopano! -edhe
    * Big bunch of malakas! -edhe

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    On TS2 when I asked edhe what the fridge password was gonna be for the night:

    edhe: pass is titsandass.
    Ender: what&#39;s that?

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    on TS2 Ender didn&#39;t come out of his words properly:

    Ender: cochpit, cookpit
    graou: It&#39;s COCKpit, don&#39;t be afraid of it man&#33;


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    [10:29:36] <[Ci]edhe`2k4> ONS is only fun if you&#39;re owning the other team o_O

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    (00:30:24) <+Shazz> anyone out there who can reccomend me some decent photoshop software? =/
    (00:31:23) <@Special_K> lol
    (00:31:30) <@Special_K> photoplop is the software yo

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