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Thread: The great Ci Quote Topic

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    See my sig... I've always liked that exchange. Didn't happen with [Ci] members at the time (Maverick and I were |OUF| at the time). And, recently, cloudy has shown his/her face around here, too...

    (13:33:05) (@cloudy|mirc) !cookie
    (13:33:06) • @ChanServ gives you a cookie!
    (13:33:27) (@]OUF-ctf[Maverick) !beer
    (13:33:30) (@]OUF-ctf[Maverick) damn

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    Over TS when we drafted Duo and Arx to fill out two spots in an ECi ons game:

    Duo: "Look out! They are running you over!"

    I don't think I've ever laughed so hard on voice comm as I did then
    [Ci]Mazza - The most electrifying player in the history of [Ci]

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    [08:39] <[Ci]Stosh> good morning
    [08:40] <[Ci]Pope_O> hey
    [08:40] <[Ci]Pope_O> morning?&#33;? wtf?&#33;? its like afternoon
    [08:40] <[Ci]Pope_O> US_ignorance &#092;o/ :P
    Making funny, funnier since 1973!

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    <@[Ci]pHuNkY> i learned some nice dutch words today&#33;&#33;1
    <@[Ci]pHuNkY> pijpen and neuken &#33;&#33;&#33;1 &#092;o/

    for the record: pijpen = blowjob and neuken = fucking

    Always nice to teach someone a foreign language :P

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    [15:58:30] <[Ci]Savatage> just been typing for half an hour...
    [15:58:49] <[Ci]Savatage> decided to make a real post instead of a spam one

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    <@[Ci]Stosh> ahhh, greece, ... such a lovely country, where men are men, and goats are afraid

    <[ST2]LordSithLord> gg Burchov i have never seen a raptor whore as this gg

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    I know it&#39;s in my sig, but just in case it gets lost, it lives on in this thread.

    <[Ci]cryco|mirc> you&#39;re still a dickhead
    <|Robot|Paragon`sP> * Added *&#33;*Ci_cryco_@modemcable244.62-201-24.mc.videotron.ca to ignore list
    <[Ci]cryco|mirc> added ~loser@c-24-8-75-130.client.comcast.net i.e paragon to dumbass list
    <[Ci]Snatch> lmfao
    <x-AbitchWithAttitude> lmao&#33;
    <[Ci]cryco|mirc> he&#39;s on my exclusive list
    <Ne0|pm4scrim> lmao
    * x-AbitchWithAttitude is now known as [Ci]Young[bitch]
    <{tSc}pdt> oh snap
    <[Ci]cryco|mirc> very few people make it there
    <[Ci]Young[bitch]> which is damn true
    <[Ci]Young[bitch]> lol
    <[Ci]cryco|mirc> he passed all the trials in under 3 minutes
    <a-parker> lol
    freelancing agent of chaos

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    "Sure, I&#39;ll play. Just let me finish making love to this burrito."

    -Gunker, Teamspeak

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    "RUBBER MONKEY DISHWASHERS&#33;&#33;&#33;" -Arxcis

    Also the ones in my sig:

    "Sorry Arxcis, I don&#39;t speak crazy." -Gunker

    "I just got telefagged." -Becoming

    "it&#39;s fun to beat people to death with a dildo" -Gunker

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    Rubber monkey dishwashers was gunker&#39;s quote...

    During a pick up scrim (mb+me/killer)
    -Killer: "I&#39;ll play solo defense, Kashll play offense, umm.. ginsu and avatar back up kashll, and auron play defense... so Kashll, ginsu and avatar and o, and me and auron on d.
    -Kashll: "what happened to the solo defense?
    -Killer: "what do you mean?"

    A starcraft junkie trying to find someone to beat up on in 1v1 other than octavius:
    [17:49] <h-Kash> you here?
    [17:49] <Video> Yes
    [17:49] <h-Kash> 1v1 starcraft?
    [17:49] <h-Kash>
    [17:50] <Video> Trying to scrim here, go away ;p
    "On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not survive long" -Emanuel Lasker

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