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Thread: The great Ci Quote Topic

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    The point is... just post some funny quotes from members, friends or other people you know, preferably done in IRC HF


    I'll start with a few Burchov saved...

    <@[Ci]Loibisch|mIRC> should be two defined teams, attack can be done in paris, the two guys not attacking will make sure the flg gets home again in time

    <@[Ci-t]Deci> I&#39;ll start with spamming some more private passwords
    <@[Ci]Slag|work> nicely done btw
    <@[Ci]Slag|work> good thing you aren&#39;t in charge of national security

    (Talking to Pope):
    <@[Ci]Ender> personally, I&#39;d exile you to hell
    <@[Ci]Ender> But the great one would certainly not tolerate you
    <@[Ci]Ender> And I&#39;d end up with you again, bashing my ears and testing my patience

    <@[Ci]Loibisch|mIRC> hey, been reading the channel a little and tried to follow the train of thought, then I noticed the train has gone off to sibiria and went missing halfway down the route

    <@[Ci]Swedix> we voted for TwinTombs, and NovemberCE came up
    <@[Ci]Loibisch|mIRC> so what, do you blame my server for taste?

    <@[Ci]edhe`2k4> coupla nice shots on that orby demo - one where i LtG a guy and he stops and says &#39;headshots sux&#39; o_O

    <@[Ci]Loibisch|mIRC> I&#39;m still a DM&#39;er at heart
    <+_Ender_> Know that, you were jumping like a goat on steroids yesterday

    <@Sav|2k4> couldn&#39;t hit a camel with a bazooka today :/
    <@[Ci-t]ph[a]nky> well sav you killed me
    <@Sav|2k4> ur no camel tho :P
    <@[Ci]Loibisch|mIRC> camels move :P

    <XS_[[Do0fUs]]> dutch is the most annoying language to look at when u dont understand it

    <@[Ci]Pro|filer> too bad i noyl 2 mi n <<< say w0t? :/

    <@[Ci]pHuNkY> what time are we playing tonight btw?
    <@[Ci]Maz> dw again

    <@[Ci]Pope> when you get married youll understand that wrist action worstens when you *leave* home

    <@[Ci]Maz> i hope edhe has cocked up his new router
    <@[Ci]Maz> erm, has = hasn&#39;t

    <@[Ci]pHuNkY> i am probably the only human in this planet that has bought an AMD Barton 2600+ 6 months ago , yet unable to make it work @ 2000+

    <[Ci]Stilleh> I just flashed my DVD burner it now burns all my x4 DVDs at x8 &#092;o/
    <@[Ci]Loibisch|mIRC> last time I flashed my writer it burned all my 8x at 2x :P

    <@[Ci]Maz> ctf is just dm with a plank of wood

    <@[Ci]Stilleh[rSu]> I&#39;m pretty sure I craped myself earlier when a monster came out from a locker in doom3. I was to damn scared to check.

    <@[Ci-t]Burchov> lo
    <@[Ci]Myrmidion> Welcome Back edhe, hey, insane Russian-sounding guy

    <@NL|SnIPe> he has his proud now
    <@[TgR]KILLER> pride you meen
    <@[TgR]KILLER> ;x
    <@NL|SnIPe> mean
    <@NL|SnIPe> :P

    <[Ci-t]Sta> lol maz u think spawn killing with a tank is bad ?
    <@[Ci]Maz> i do?
    <@[Ci]Maz> i prefer to use the levi myself

    top of boredom: <Spoz|AFK> I&#39;m bored so I might watch that insta CTF match

    *Edited by Loibisch for better readability*

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    Excellent idea. Admins, make it sticky.

    I&#39;ll just stick in the quotes by that weird fellow by the name of ArX so that they are never lost:

    ArXcis: U noob quoter with out Linkage&#33;

    [14:12:49] <[Ci]ArXcis|Wk> What is it over there? Lunch?
    [14:12:59] <[Ci]Pope_O> yep
    [14:13:23] <[Ci]ArXcis|Wk> Ok some one say &#39;going to lunch&#39; hehe
    [14:13:43] <[Ci]Pope_O> k peeps, lunch time&#33;
    [14:13:44] <[Ci]Pope_O> bbl
    [14:13:58] <[Ci]ArXcis|Wk> LUNCH&#33;&#33;&#33;???&#33;?&#33;?&#33;?&#33;
    [14:14:07] <[Ci]ArXcis|Wk> Its 6:00am wtf?
    [14:14:22] <[Ci]ArXcis|Wk> Man, that felt good&#33;&#33;
    [14:14:40] <[Ci]ArXcis|Wk> &#092;o/ Euro ignorance&#33;

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    Da Pope rules&#33; thats why I&#39;m his ArXbishop&#33; :P

    Quote: From in game
    (ArXcis going on his 5th shot in a row to juggle Phunky with primary shock)

    Phunky: "STOP&#33;&#33; or I&#39;ll steal all your cookies&#33;"
    Making funny, funnier since 1973!

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    (15:25:35) (@[Ci-t]Deci) mibby next year we will be just another state of america
    (15:26:00) (@[Ci]duo) >
    (15:26:12) (@[Ci]duo) Lets see what stosh says about that
    (15:26:13) (@[Ci]Stosh) i don&#39;t think so Deci

    @Slag: Thanks for returning my sig for X-mas!

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    (02:27) <@[Ci]Stilleh[rSu]> lo phunkster
    (02:27) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> oh well thats strange
    (02:27) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> <@slac`> hi phunkster
    (02:27) <@[Ci]Stilleh[rSu]> :x
    (02:27) <@[Ci]Stilleh[rSu]> omg
    (02:27) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> hehehe
    (02:28) <@[Ci]Stilleh[rSu]> my cover is blown
    (02:28) &#33; @[Ci]Stilleh[rSu] talks into sleeve
    (02:28) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> gotcha&#33;
    (02:28) <@[Ci]Stilleh[rSu]> abort abort abort
    (02:28) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> bad command or filename
    (02:28) <@[Ci]Stilleh[rSu]> d0h&#33;
    (02:28) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> XD


    (03:05) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> jee do those italians ever translate their websites in english or something? O_O
    (03:06) <@[Ci-t]pHuNkY> my other clan is thinking about renting a server on ngi, but cant find that section anywhere :X
    (03:06) <@[Ci]Loibisch|mIRC> that&#39;s not the worst thing, I have an italian porno and completely fail to find any translations for it

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    Sorry Phunky couldn&#39;t resist it

    ([Ci]pHuNkY) i&#39;ve been to the part next to Blegium << Blegh indeed

    @Slag: Thanks for returning my sig for X-mas!

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    Swedix about ICQ:

    (20:22:15) <@[Ci]Swedix> be late and don&#39;t reply to my mess in icq

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    (20:30:30) <@[Ci]Swedix> ehdeeeeeeeeeeeee
    (20:30:38) <@[Ci]Savatage> eeeeeeeeeddddddddhhhhhhheeeeeeeee
    (20:30:47) * @[Ci]Swedix kicks [Ci]edhe`afk in his balls
    (20:31:00) <@[Ci]Savatage> sugar won&#39;t like that :P
    (20:31:31) <@[Ci]Swedix> i don&#39;t care
    (20:31:38) <@[Ci]Swedix> i want him here now
    (20:31:43) <@[Ci]Savatage> rofl
    (20:31:59) <@[Ci]Savatage> maybe she just said the same thing...
    (20:32:11) <@[Ci]Swedix> i would castrate him if needed
    (20:32:30) <@[Ci]Swedix> then he is of no use for her :P

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    (21:29:15) <@[Ci]Savatage> worked from 7 - 17, one of the longest days I&#39;ve made in work :/
    (21:29:26) <@[Ci]Anti>
    (21:30:07) <@[Ci]Stilleh> I work 07-22 on Sunday
    (21:30:22) <@[Ci]Savatage> ok that&#39;s just crazy :|
    (21:32:16) <@[Ci]Slag> pfff
    (21:32:35) <@[Ci]Slag> i got up at 2:50 am this morning to catch an airplane at 5:12
    (21:33:04) <@[Ci]Stilleh> but your old slag

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    (15:30:54) <@[Ci]Savatage> anyone up for some gameage?
    (15:31:36) <@[Ci]Pope_O> i read &#39;sausage&#39; at first

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