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Thread: We are happy to welcome Furore to Clan Ci

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    Furore is a young talent man from UK and he will be a great reinforcement to our European CTF-squad.

    Furore is a former CS-player and with some hard work, we will form him to a good CTF-player

    Welcome to Carpe Imperium, Furore.

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    Glad to see you made it in

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    You all know what having more Euros means?????

    More Euro BANTER!!!!!

    Welcome to the clan!
    Making funny, funnier since 1973!

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    thnx guys

    working hard to improve my skills seems worthwhile now, i hope i can do u guys proud in the future 8)

    formerly Furore
    Playing QuakeLive Add me as 'Psyborg'

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    Montreal, Canada


    welcome to Ci FurorE, hope you brought medication along (the tranquilizing sort)
    freelancing agent of chaos

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    Give those euros a hard time for me
    "On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not survive long" -Emanuel Lasker

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    congrats \o/
    Meh, I'm a tired sonuva so don't mind what me and my blue start button say.

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