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Thread: Looking for a clan.

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    dryan Guest


    HI, I've never played for a clan before but i've been enjoying UT2004 so I thought I'd start looking. I found these forums through the www.provinggrounds.com assault section. I've been mostly playing assault and i haven't been able to find any other assault clans so I decided to post here.

    Anyway, If the assault team is recruiting i'd love to try out. I wasn't sure who the admins were for assault so I just decided to post here.



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    welcome to the forums dryan!!! as for recruiting, we're not actively recruiting right now, but if you show some skill and some good attitude, we may be willing to make an exception, however the assult squad doesnt play as often as our other teams (br, ctf, ons, tdm). but, we are #1 on pg's Assault ladder
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    Welcome to the forums
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    Welcome to the forums dryan
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    Psychotakes Guest


    I apologize if this is threadjacking, but I echo his sentiments. Saw a lack of AS clans, found PG, came here. I emailed raze, hoping he'll reply. If your clan isn't currently accepting for whatever reasons, are there other professional-type clans that you would recommend contacting?

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    Both of you please drop by on IRC at #clanci on either irc.enterthegame.com or irc.gamesurge.net
    I or Neo will try you out.

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