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Thread: We're Not Dead, Right?

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    Default We're Not Dead, Right?

    Hey all! I haven't been able to log onto TeamSpeak because I'm using a different computer and the info isn't on the Lightbringer Guild Tab (can we get someone to update please? or post it somewhere??? or send me a message with the info please?).

    Otherwise the guild looks dead to me on WoW; is everyone back on Malf?

    Thanks for letting me know!!

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    Looking dead...

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    Forums mighty dead. Few posters, some stop by now & then. TS3 still rocking for catching up - check private forums for info on that. WoW looks like they're still raiding regularly in some fashion.
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  4. Exclamation Uh oh...

    Defibrillator on standby.

  5. Default The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

    Maybe not greatly... how about somewhat..
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    Default Whoops I went dead for a second there

    Thanks for the replies guys! Nice to see some familiar faces on here. Uh, private forums? *sweatdrop* I'm guessing the WoW/TERA tabs??

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    Default Philia of the necro

    Thought the thread was relevant with what's going on right now. If you're reading this, I hope you and yours are doing well.
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