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Thread: We're Not Dead, Right?

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    What’s up peeps! I was thinking about getting back into the wow time trap if anyone still plays? Sad to see the forums go, but they lasted an intense amount of time. I also wanted to say, for everyone I played with, you all got me through some tough times. If anyone plays on ps4, add me ford36731.
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    Hope all you guys are doing well, A lot of memories here.

    Glad I could stop by before it's gone.

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    I don't think I'll ever have nostalgia for anything as much as early 00s online PC gaming and all the wonderful Ci people were such a big part of that. Looking back it was really such a small window in the grand scheme of things, but felt eternal at the time.

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    OMG, i'm finally back!! Thanks Slag for resetting my password (my account here was hacked).
    MIss you all mofos.
    Gunker, you're absolutely right. Those what, 4-5 years where probably my most memorable (appart from my whoring days).
    The chat, the teamspeaks, the practices, the trips to Chicago.
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    I was at the beginning of this gaming clan.. I started back in 1999. I pretty much gave up online gaming in 2006. The fact that Carpe Imperium still
    20+ years later, just amazes me.

    This clan nearly died in 2001, I worked to keep it alive. 20 fecking years later.. It still exists, I dont know you, you don't know me.

    Please, keep this alive..

    James Sadowski.. aka [Ci] Stosh.

    I generally play offline now, but Carpe Imperium, will always be a fond memory of mine, the UT gaming, the online friends I met, and the LAN party
    outside of Chicago,back in the day, when I actually met my online friends.

    Gaming never ends!

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    OMG!!! I was just screwing around and ended up here. I'm often thinking back at the times when playing UT with you guys. It was so fun hanging with you in games, forums and mIRC.
    And to see some of you is still here. It's amazing.

    I hope you are all are doing well and while I'm here I wish you all a Happy New Year!!


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