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    So, As I made many Posts tonight,

    I saw a Commercial for
    "Ready Player One"
    I was told, a must read Book, (NO, i have not gotten to it......yet.)

    I ALSO saw a Commercial for "Rampage" with.....Da ROck Johnson
    I mean talking about Stupid Games.

    The pointless arcade game some of us remember.
    (Who also would unanimously vote to get both their quarters AND TIME back from the universe for this Devil's Trick)


    ALL of them get BACK to BACK re-boots.

    Magnum PI

    As Hollywood Scraps the Memories from our childhoods to make more Money.....

    The Movie "Cable Guy" Worth a re-watch for the Fight Scene Alone.
    The Background Story:
    All people Slaves to Social\Reality TV.

    SO......try and imagine a World without everything at your finger tips.
    Now imagine not forcing yourself to live a life at a million miles an hour.

    I love Movies, I have a lot memorized.
    But seriously, who has time to even See the Movies that receive Oscars
    or the Countless other awards from old school to MTV, RottenTomatoes, etc....

    As Usual, I may have started with a point. But,
    "Hey DOG....!?"
    "Did you see the Size of that Shiny Object/Chicken)

    Altered Quote From:
    "Young Guns"
    Dirty Steve on Peyote, having a private talk with his Horse.
    Yes he called the Horse, a Dog.

    Now the Chicken,
    No Idea why that crazy Clucker crossed the Road.
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