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Thread: moving to Ottawa

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    Default moving to Ottawa

    So, for anyone that cares, I was born and raised in Montreal, the land of poutine and absolutely gorgeous women. That's about all I'm going to miss.
    I got a job working for Huawei (and it absolutely effin rocks) and I bought a house in Kanata (25 minutes west of Ottawa) which I will be moving into in a few weeks.
    No more language problems, shitty roads, constant road works, excessive taxes (highest in north america), construction mafia/unions, politics based on separation etc...
    I will finally be able to vote on issues rather than just vote for the non-separatist party, I can actually chose in which language to educate my children, and ... peeople are really polite here.
    Plus, it pays better here. But I will miss the eye candy.

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    Ottawa gets unfairly characterized as the "city fun forgot" but my experiences have always been extremely positive there.Lots of great museums, the river walk by the center of government is beautiful, Little Italy is fun, decent bars and concert venues, great Vietnamese food, Ottawa Comic Con is a great time, nice IMAX movie theater in Gloucester. You could do way worse. Good luck and have fun!
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    One of the first places I've visited in Canada since I've become an adult is Ottawa. I hope you enjoy what it has to offer, when I've visited there it's been super enjoyable. I will say this though, I'd miss Arcade MTL and Meltdown in montreal if you're leaving there.
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