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Thread: CTF Exhibition from Epic HQ

  1. Default CTF Exhibition from Epic HQ

    This last Saturday, Epic hosted a CTF exhibition of the new UT4 that is currently in pre-beta. UT4 is an F2P that you can get for yourself here: https://www.unrealtournament.com/. For the exhibition, they invited around 17 active top-tier players from the community. Yes, believe it or not, there are still active players in UT - especially now that the new game is (finally) out.

    For those Ci'ers recruited after about 2005, you may not be aware, but UT CTF is our roots. We played this for years long before WoW or any other games Ci may be playing today.

    Anyway, I am pleased to mention that my son Ne0 was one of the privileged few that got invited and played in this exhibition! You can watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDB3LyTynns. You can see Ne0 at 1:16:47. He's the guy with the man beard! Some of you may know the guy in front of him with the glasses - it's Blimpo!

    I recommend we all download and get the fragging started!

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    Nothing like when they follow in their old mans footsteps

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    Neo's still playing UT? Damn, good for him.
    Thanks for the update Slag
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    That is awesome

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    Watched the event live on Twitch. Nice cap by Neo in the second match. What a game that was!

    And I have the alpha downloaded.

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    Sweet! I was out of range this past weekend so I missed the Twitch event. I'll be sure to check out the video.

    For those of you that have installed UT4 so far, are there at least a couple normal weapon CTF and DM / TDM servers available? I know instagib is popular from talking to Ne0.
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    All I've checked out is the tutorial to get a feel for the new movement. Haven't checked the servers yet.

    In other news, instagib needs to die.

    Edit - just took a quick look. Looks like there are at least a couple normal servers for CTF and DM. Will probably try them later tonight to confirm.
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  8. Exclamation Not overly confident.

    I actually uninstalled the launcher a while ago. I tried it and just didn't like what I saw. It was hard to explain, but pretty much everything felt off.

    Is this actually worth trying again?

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    @Fap - Who you callin' old mister?!?! j/k Actually he was always better at UT than me, so can't take any credit here lol
    @Cryco - And you can too! I think it would be fun to to have a UT night like old times
    @Ren - Instagib is fun, but gets old fast imo
    @Sel - Considering it's F2P, I don't know how you go wrong checking it out, right?
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