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Thread: Pronouns and You!

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    Default Pronouns and You!

    Hello everyone!

    TL;DR: I identify as Agender. I do not use the pronouns "she, her, hers, or herself." I use "zie, zir, zirs, and zirself." These are pronounced "Zee," "Zeer (like leer)," "Zeers," and "Zeerself." Examples on how these pronouns are used are below. Please do not refer to me as she, her, hers, or herself. Please do not refer to me as a girl, lady, female, etc. or a lesbian, dyke (I prefer the term gay). You can simply call me Iku instead using pronouns as well.

    I've made one of these posts before, but I think it's time for a refresher, since I'm still being referred to as "she" in Teamspeak. I haven't spoken up about it recently since it's much more convenient for everybody to read a post on their own time instead of interrupting our designated raid time to explain.

    To start off, I identify as agender, which as the latin prefix denotes, means no gender. This means I do not identify as either a lady or guy, but as non-binary. This puts me under the Transgender umbrella, so yes, I am trans!

    Now a big thing with being trans is pronouns. Seeing as I'm agender, I don't really had a cold cut pronoun choice (such grammar, much language, very English, wow) so I got to choose which pronouns I felt fit myself (any person can do this, even if someone identifies as a lady or a guy so it's not just an agender thing). This took a while, but I did decide on the pronouns Zie, Zir, Zirs, and Zirself.

    I was really excited when I finally found pronouns that felt right. These pronouns stem from the German language, which most of you know I studied in college, and have a feminine background (the nominative case pronoun for ladies is Sie which is also pronounced "Zee"), which I thought fit since I count my designated at birth gender, female, as my "feminine background" (though I've never been feminine really).

    However, the problem is my pronouns are not that common and therefore it's harder for people to switch to them instead of using "she, her, hers, herself." I thought making a post with my pronoun pronunciation and examples of how they're used would be helpful.


    Zie plays too many video games.
    Zir kitten is so cute!
    That amaretto sour is zirs.
    Zie really takes care of zirself!

    I hope this post has been informative and helpful.

    I will appreciate any and all efforts to use my proper pronouns!
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    Hi Iku!

    Thanks for the explanation and the further clarification.

    Please keep in mind that it will be hard for people to remember the specific pronouns that you would prefer used, as they are just not used to them like you are.

    So, please don't take offense if someone uses the more traditional "she" pronoun, esp when in the heat of battle.

    Good gaming!
    "The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on." - Ulysses S. Grant


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