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Thread: New Computer!!!

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    Default New Computer!!!

    I'm going to be building a gaming desktop and I'm welcome to your suggestions on the parts. The only thing I'm for sure about is an intel i7 processor (I haven't picked out which one yet), a msi motherboard, and a SSD. Please give me any and all information or advice you may have!

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    My advise buy one that is already made and comes with a service plan. Ha ha.
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    Default Whoops!

    Sorry Ski! I saw your message and meant to reply, BUUUUUUT I got distracted haha. I did that with the laptop I have now from MSI and it's amazing. The reasons why I don't want to do that is 1) It is generally cheaper to build your own computer than get one made. 2) I want the experience and know-how to build computers because that's really BAD WORD important???? and because I've waited to learn since I was 12 and just never got around to it haha. 3) I can pick out all of the parts I want and know they work - though yes, I know you can do that on some sites like, pick out everything and they build it for you, but I like the feeling of picking out something and having the confidence it will work (those are two separate feelings. I like buying things in general so picking stuff out is very satisfactory for me. And yes, I know there is a chance when I pick things out myself that they may not work haha). Uh I think that's all the main reasons why I'm not buying an already built computer. Also, I'm sure there's ways to get warranties on individual parts, correct? Such as motherboards, hard drives, and whatnot? Though it may not be the entire package, those are the really big items (and graphics cards jfc) and would be expensive to replace.

    EDIT: I see you said service plan and not warranty. No worries on needing service for it myself and not being able to get that. I have my brother's dad for that. >3 SECOND EDIT: Asked my brother how long his dad has been building computers and he said at least a decade. He also does service on them for his family and others. Such as virus crap, speeding it up, making sure there isn't any corruption, working in BIOS, etc.

    I also wanted to share some tech I bought! (Felt this thread was an appropriate place to put this instead of starting a new thread since this thread is already related to myself and receiving new tech).

    I talked about getting a gamepad last week and I ended up buying it that night. It arrived before the next raid too so I've been using it the past couple raids (didn't mention anything during raid 'cause I forgot maybe???? Idk). Still getting used to it and I haven't keybound all the buttons yet, but I'll get there haha. I have it set on responsive 'cause I think that's super cool, but I wish it would have one color set as default and then when you push the button it would light up a different color (because I really like colors and the blackness makes me sad lol). I don't see that option and it saddens me. :C Anyways, I got the Razer Orbweaver Chroma Stealth and I like it so far!

    FOURTH EDIT (The third was to put the two edits above the gamepad picture since it made more sense to have them up there):

    I was able to find exactly what I was looking for in the lighting settings!!!

    Unfortunately the camera on my phone doesn't like colors as much as I do so you can't see them all that well. Meant to state this before too, but the lighting on both my mouse and my gamepad is a darker teal (it looks light blue with my phone though????) and the reactive color is a dark purple. It's really pretty. Might make another layer and program some of the buttons to light up crimson since that would incorporate all of my favorite colors - wait, I almost forgot about orange! Not sure if I'd like orange to be in there with the other colors though. Might have a negative clash. >3
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