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Thread: Valchoin, Rogue

  1. Default Valchoin, Rogue

    1.Character Name: Valchoin

    2. Class/race/professions: Rogue/Human/Mining/Jewel Crafting

    3. Main spec and Off-spec: Assassination

    4. Link to the Armory advanced page for your toon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...alchoin/simple

    5. Previous guilds and why you left: Slipstream, the guild began falling apart so we eventually disbanded.

    6. Previous raid experience: Raided Vanilla, BC and WOTLK before finally taking a break and coming back as of this week.

    7. Teamspeak is REQUIRED for raiding, are you willing to download TS? Yes, have this already.

    8. Deadly Boss Mods, Omen Threat Meter, and Decursive / Healbot / Grid (one of these if you are a healer or can decurse) are all required for raiding are you willing to download these? Yes, have them already.

    9. Why you like to play WoW and what are your goals in the game? I like to play WoW because I enjoy the lore and the Blizzard Universe in general. My goal is to get to level 90 and become one of the top rogues on the server again.

    10. How did you hear about Carpe Imperium (if you heard about us from someone make sure to include their name)?

    I recently reactivated my account and decided to check the forums for available alliance guilds. Carpe Imperium stood out due to my love of Latin words. I eventually decided to apply but first talked to one of your members named Cindane. Cindane provided an excellent experience and I knew this is definitely a group of people I would like to be apart of.

    11. Do you do any PVP (Arenas or BG's), and how serious about it are you? I originally came from a PvP server(I played horde) and quite frankly it is one of my favorite things to do. On my old server I was one of the top 10 rogues and we always had a blast doing open world raids and the like.

    12. Carpe Imperium strives to excel in every aspect of the game. What do you look to get from joining Carpe Imperium? Friends, community an excellent experience and to raid with a fantastic group of people.

    13. What will Carpe Imperium gain by having you as a member? I am a very dedicated and motivated individual. I tend to excel in every aspect of the field and have experience tanking/healing as well as DPSing. I am currently getting my rogue to 90 and then he will be followed by my Pally, Druid and so on. I am very flexible when it comes to playing various roles.

    14. Carpe Imperium strives to be both friendly and effective. Can you give and receive constructive criticism without being rude or offensive? Are you willing to put in time to
    improve your gear, spec and abilities if you are selected to join our raiding team?

    I love nothing more to provide my expertise as well as learning from others. I tend to be friendly and try to explain things to the best of my abilities. Based off my job and my current situation I think I can and will excel in this.

    15. Can you make the majority of Carpe Imperium's raid times (6:30pm server invite time / 7 server first pull, raids go several nights a week)?

    I am unsure about the majority due to my work schedule but I will definitely be able to partake in most of them.

    16. Tell us a little bit about yourself: My name is Matthew Williams, I am currently an LPM and working on becoming a police officer. I am a single father and work 48 hours a week striving to do whats best. I've always had a unique ability to excel in whatever I decideed to do. I excel in video games whether its an FPS or an MMO and when I'm not playing games I am playing with my daughter or playing guitar.

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    Nice app! I especially like the praise you gave Cindane, seeing as how that's me, so thanks! You sound like a good fit.

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    Thank you! Well you deserve it, you where very thorough when it came to explaining the application process and what it entails. Even giving me a step by step tutorial on how the process worked. What more could one ask for?

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    the ability to heal and dps? (i kid, i kid)

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    Just wait then til 5.4 when rogues can glyph for recoupe and kick your ass in pvp blakky

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