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Thread: Server Maintenance early February 28

  1. Default Server Maintenance early February 28

    Our web host will be performing router upgrades on Thursday February 28 starting at 5:00AM GMT (12:00AM Eastern Standard). This outage will impact our voice server and websites.

    They are upgrading over 50 routers, each taking less than 15 minutes. The full maintenance window is 2 hours, so worst case, our servers should come back online no later than 7:00AM GMT.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Thanks for the heads up Slag!!
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    Thanks for holding our hand.

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    Wife found your storage of gay monkey porn on the server again?

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    What Ren is trying to say is, he wants a link to that stash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cryco View Post
    What Ren is trying to say is, he wants a link to that stash.
    How do you know it's trash?

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