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Thread: Schizm- Holy Paladin

  1. Default Schizm- Holy Paladin

    1. Character Name: Schizm

    2. Class/race/professions: Currently Blood Elf Paladin, max Mining/Blacksmithing. Will be transferring over to Alliance this week though.

    3. Main spec and Off-spec: Holy MS, Ret OS (ret set is full greens and awful I wouldn't count on it for anything )

    4. Link to the Armory advanced page for your toon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...chizm/advanced

    5. Previous guilds and why you left: I've been in quite a few- most recently and currently on friend status in Did it for Whitney- leaving because all the friends I joined to hang out with have since quit. Prior to that I was in Wayward/Team Havoc (merged with Wayward). I took a month long hiatus 2 or 3 weeks after the xpac hit to relocate and when I came back the guild had fallen apart. Before that going backwards I was in Stonard's Mentality (alliance on Alexstrasza), Crimson Tempest (horde here on Malf), The Seventh Circle, Did it For Whitney, and Epilogue/Illuminati. All of those guilds with the exception of DifW and TSC I left because they broke up, the latter two I left because they were a poor fit for me.

    6. Previous raid experience: BC- t4-t6 completed BT but only 3/6 SWP when it was current. Wrath- t7-t10 (all except LK heroic) while current. Cata- I took a break after t11 til a couple months before DS came out but in the end I completed t11/12/13 regular and heroic, including Firelord and Savior titles.

    7. Teamspeak is REQUIRED for raiding, are you willing to download TS? I have TS as well as vent and mumble already installed.

    8. Deadly Boss Mods, Omen Threat Meter, and Decursive / Healbot / Grid (one of these if you are a healer or can decurse) are all required for raiding are you willing to download these? I have DBM/Omen and I currently run Vuhdo for healing/decursing.

    9. Why you like to play WoW and what are your goals in the game? I like WoW for a lot of reasons but I don't think one stands out in particular. I feel like I've actually made some decent friends in game, I like playing in general. I really enjoy raiding and I miss it a lot. As far as goals, right now I'm looking for some people to play with that are actually online for more than just raid times. I'm almost always down to do old content or achievements or whatever else when people need it or are just bored. I also really enjoy raiding with competent players. It's not always about progression or being better than other people, but I do believe in trying to constantly improve yourself and help others in your raid and/or guild. From what it sounds like this guild is full of people who sound just like that.

    10. How did you hear about Carpe Imperium (if you heard about us from someone make sure to include their name)? Aanellien and I raided together in Wayward a while back, and he talks about this guild all the time.

    11. Do you do any PVP (Arenas or BG's), and how serious about it are you? I have PvPed off and on throughout the game but I wouldn't say I'm the best at it, nor do I have a lot of interest in it. If there's a group of people forming for BGs or something I'd probably enjoy it but I don't take it very seriously.

    12. Carpe Imperium strives to excel in every aspect of the game. What do you look to get from joining Carpe Imperium? I guess I almost answered this a couple questions up. I'm just looking for people who enjoy the game and want to see content, improve themselves and just generally enjoy myself.

    13. What will Carpe Imperium gain by having you as a member? As an officer in the three of the last four guilds I raided with, I've spent a lot of time farming mats for raids, gear, and really just doing anything to help out the group as a whole. At this point it's kind of ingrained in my brain, I couldn't help it if I wanted to. And honestly I don't really mind anyways. On a less superficial level, I feel like I contribute to raids, groups and guilds as a whole pretty well. I have decent concentration, research what I need to, and am always looking to do better than the last time.

    14. Carpe Imperium strives to be both friendly and effective. Can you give and receive constructive criticism without being rude or offensive? Are you willing to put in time to
    improve your gear, spec and abilities if you are selected to join our raiding team? Yeah I have no problem with this. Obviously I haven't been raiding for a couple months, and to be honest I haven't played this character a lot since I got back into the game, because I wanted to level my resto shaman and make sure I wouldn't rather play that first. My current gear needs some upgrades, some enchants and some tweaking and I don't have any problem taking the time to work on it.

    15. Can you make the majority of Carpe Imperium's raid times (6:30pm server invite time / 7 server first pull, raids go several nights a week)? Not a problem now, but at some point in the future my boss is going to take me off my current graveyard schedule, and I won't know when or what schedule it will be until a couple days before it happens.

    16. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I'm 27, female, pregnant.... I moved to Phoenix AZ a couple months ago. I thought it would be warm here but I'm freezing! Stupid winter. I have a lot of toons horde side still sitting at 85, but once I'm comfortable I'll probably bring over a couple more to play. I am kind of brain dead because I worked all night last night on three hours of sleep and stayed up after work this morning, so I apologize if any of my app sounds stupid. I will be transferring my character over to alliance side Tuesday evening.

    If you have any questions let me know I'll be around tonight and most of tomorrow as Mon/Tues nights are my weekend. Thanks.

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    Nice app.


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    Great App!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizm View Post
    I'm 27, female, pregnant....
    First off Congratulations!

    Quote Originally Posted by Schizm View Post
    I am kind of brain dead because I worked all night last night on three hours of sleep and stayed up after work this morning, so I apologize if any of my app sounds stupid.
    What a great app! If that was you brain dead, these guys are in serious trouble.

    Good luck on your app.

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    I think I was in CT with you. Great player, a helluva lot better than I was.
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    Nice App. A little premature but based on this App. WELCOME..
    Any friend of Aanellien is a friend of CI..

    Looking forward to raiding with you

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