Ellrond - Resto/Guardian Druid

1. Character Name: Ellrond

2. Class/race/professions: Druid/Night Elf/Herbalism; Alchemy

3. Main spec and Off-spec: Restoration/Guardian

4. Link to the Armory advanced page for your toon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lrond/advanced

5. Previous guilds and why you left: Rohans Riders - Invited for raiding with CI

6. Previous raid experience: Joined WoW @ ICC, also some cata raids mainly DS

7. Teamspeak is REQUIRED for raiding, are you willing to download TS? Yes.

8. Deadly Boss Mods, Omen Threat Meter, and Decursive / Healbot / Grid (one of these if you are a healer or can decurse) are all required for raiding are you willing to download these? Strictly healium up till now, but i can try

9. Why you like to play WoW and what are your goals in the game? Interesting game, level up toons/gear and experience raiding content

10. How did you hear about Carpe Imperium (if you heard about us from someone make sure to include their name)? Ciiara

11. Do you do any PVP (Arenas or BG's), and how serious about it are you? Very little when i get bored of raiding

12. Carpe Imperium strives to excel in every aspect of the game. What do you look to get from joining Carpe Imperium? Progression in game content

13. What will Carpe Imperium gain by having you as a member? Tank/Off Tank/Healer willing to help out however I can and assist group in clearing content

14. Carpe Imperium strives to be both friendly and effective. Can you give and receive constructive criticism without being rude or offensive? Are you willing to put in time to improve your gear, spec and abilities if you are selected to join our raiding team? Pretty much yes

15. Can you make the majority of Carpe Imperium's raid times (6:30pm server invite time / 7 server first pull, raids go several nights a week)? I would like to be at every raid, however I am not resident to the United States and being 2 hours ahead of server time does not help. Work unfortunately > WoW, so sometimes i have to sacrifice WoW time to get stuff done for work.

16. Tell us a little bit about yourself: Easy going. Willing to learn, help others where I can and assist on dungeons/raids.