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Thread: SWToR: In game guild application

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    Default SWToR: In game guild application

    Hello, and welcome to the Carpe Imperium forums. If you have an interest in joining our SWToR guild (dark or light), please fill out the following application.
    1. Be sure to title your app with "New application for SWToR: (Your in-game toon Name)".
    2. Be sure to fill it out completely, with as much information as you can.
    We take all our applications very seriously, and hope that you will also. Once your application is posted, please give us a few days to talk it over amongst the officers and get back to you with an answer.

    Thank you for your interest in joining Carpe Imperium.
    1. Character Name:
    2. Class/race/professions:
    3. Main spec and Off-spec (have you tried your offspec at all):
    4. SWToR exerience:
      What Flashpoints (normal and hard) have you run?
      What raids have you run?
    5. Previous MMO experience:
    6. Previous SWToR guilds and why you left:
    7. Teamspeak is REQUIRED for raiding, are you willing to download TS?
    8. Why do you like to play SWToR and what are your goals in the game?
    9. How did you hear about Carpe Imperium (if you heard about us from someone make sure to include their name)?
    10. Do you do any PVP, and how serious about it are you?
    11. Carpe Imperium strives to excel in every aspect of the game. What do you look to get from joining Carpe Imperium?
    12. What will Carpe Imperium gain by having you as a member?
    13. Carpe Imperium strives to be both friendly and effective. Can you give and receive constructive criticism without being rude or offensive? Are you willing to put in time to improve your gear, spec and abilities if you are selected to join our raiding team?
    14. Ci members are respectful and considerate, helpful, and always display good sportsmanship both inside and outside of our guild. Is this what you are looking for in a guild? Please elaborate.
    15. Tell us a little bit about yourself:
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