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Thread: Welcome to the new Carpe Imperium Community Forums

  1. Default Welcome to the new Carpe Imperium Community Forums

    Greetings to all,

    It's been a long time in the works, but I am pleased to announce we have finally merged our two forums. You will notice posts in our Public Forums from both our WoW and UT teams - go check it out.

    Our goal is to provide a place where all of our good friends and team members can come to enjoy their favorite games with each other.

    Behind the scenes we have opened up new private forums for other games that our members are playing to provide a place where they can share all of theire intricate strats, stories and just have fun!

    We are not done with our new forums or websites by far. In fact we are just getting started. Over time you will see new features and functions to enhance our communications and gaming experience. And our members will benefit from many new services in the future as we bring them online.

    Carpe Imperium has been a proud and successful member of the European and North American gaming community for over a decade and we plan to keep it going for many years into the future.

    Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing you in game

    Cheers from the Carpe Imperium Team
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    It's alive!

    @Slag: Thanks for returning my sig for X-mas!

  4. Cool Good returns on investment so far

    Good work chaps. The many hours invested (none by me,,, well, maybe a few minutes ) have paid off. Many more to come...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeciBel View Post
    It's alive!
    Much like Frankenstein!! And like Frankenstein nothing can kill it.

    Well, except for fire, of course.

    Ok, new rule: No open flames around the new forums!!

    Whew, that was close. We should be good now!

    Great work all!
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    Good work! I might be able to become more active on the forums once again since it did fade away for me after I backed away from WoW and the forums were all centered around WoW. Been missing a few buggers around here, but wasn't feeling pulled in by my characters to log onto Malfurion and sit around twiddling my thumbs during end-game.

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    More Misaka on the forums? I approve of this.
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    This is your prime opportunity to be the first person on the new forums to accept my friend request Fap.
    The very first.

    The merger wiped friend lists, but thank goodness I got to keep my post count :3

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    Good point Misaka. The post count is even more important for those of us that had many posts on both forum systems. It's now the total of all posts from both forums
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    This is a +1 post to check my combined post count.
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