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Thread: Funny random video thread

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    This video floored me the first 10 times I watched it. It's kinda lost its awesomeness for me now, but hopefully you all are as immature as I am and can fully appreciate it.


    Watch it several times in a row, at least up to the slip up, for the best effect. In my experiences, at least. :P

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    @Slag: Thanks for returning my sig for X-mas!

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    "Truth is a bully we all pretend to like."
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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiMatter
    Winnner (so far) in my book! That was good!

    *owait* 2 Comedians one finally loaded. Nice. That was funny.

    Dunno' if you guys are into AtomFilms or not, but...
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    Cool stuff Sel.
    With the trainhorn I expected some "gangsters" drawing a gun and shoot the hell out of that car.

    @Slag: Thanks for returning my sig for X-mas!

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    Nice one sel, those sportska adverts are great

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    @Slag: Thanks for returning my sig for X-mas!

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