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    Default Carpe Imperium Policies


    1. Philosophy.

    Carpe Imperium strives to achieve a balance between being a progression raiding guild and a casual, fun loving group. Members of CI are full time professionals, students and family members... all of which come before playing any game, even one we all love as much as Warcraft.

    Because we have various priorities we try to make our time in game count. We run an organized raiding schedule, and we try to recruit players of relatively similar skill levels and personalities.

    We value mature players who are willing to put in time to improve themselves in the game. We also value people with good senses of humor, as we all have a tendency to get silly from time to time.

    2. History Coming soon to a paragraph 2 near you, a brief synopsis of the history of CI which predates Warcraft.

    3. Leadership.

    Carpe Imperium employs a chain of command to help keep decision making streamlined and to deal with the majority of issues that arise without affecting the in game experience of our members. We value the input of each and every member and always solicit input when it is appropriate. Rank in the guild does not exempt anyone from following the rules as they are defined for all. Rank in the guild also does not confer any advantage when looting. Rank in the guild primarily is extra work for little reward, so please be mindful of that when dealing with the people who are sacrificing their free time to help make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

    The chain of command is as follows:

    Guild Master

    Lt. Guild Master


    Class Leader

    Raid Leader




    4. Expectations of members.

    In Carpe Imperium, we derive our strength from our awesome membership. In order to maintain the type of environment that we all value so much, we have some expectations for our members.

    Chiefly, we expect people to follow common sense and common courtesy. Treat others how you want to be treated. We have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia or hate speech of any sort.

    We mainly skew toward adults. Our membership is comprised of many working professionals and college students. We value and appreciate people using relatively coherent English to communicate. You will find yourself receiving more respect and accomplishing more of your goals within the guild if you take the time to type out full sentences.

    We are here to help. Our guild is full of many skilled, veteran players. However, we also believe that a player can only become a stronger member of the team by their own effort. Advice and assistance are available, but you will find that we will match your own effort. Someone who expects to be gear dragged and to have all their questions answered without trying to find out on their own will not be a good fit for Carpe Imperium.

    When our members are playing outside the guild we expect them to conduct themselves as if they were playing with all of us. When you wear the Carpe Imperium tag you are our representative. This means treating others with respect, being fair minded and honest. Please don't let us catch you in /trade making a fool of yourself and us. Please don't let us hear about you ninjaing loot from a PUG. Common sense and common courtesy is how we roll.
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    Default The Basics


    1. Initiate phase

    Your initiate phase will last at least two weeks, and is a time of getting to know us as we get to know you. The best way to do this is to run some heroics, sign up for raids, PVP with us, and especially hop on Teamspeak and get to know us as the people behind the characters.

    During the initiate phase, we do not allow you to buy from our 1/2 AH price guild bank. We also don't let you beat members on loot rolls. These policies are designed to deter guild hoppers from joining, getting a few pieces of loot, and then leaving. Our belief is that membership in this guild will be far more valuable than a couple epic drops in a raid that we do on a weekly basis.

    People who join and are not active within the guild for the first two weeks may not be promoted to full member. These individuals may be asked to continue under an extended initiate phase or be wished luck in finding a guild that fits with their schedule.

    2. The Forums

    If you are reading this post you are on the forums. However, there is a public and a private side to the forums. If you can't see subforums with names like "RAID CHAT" or "PRIVATE", and you are already a member, then your forum account hasn't yet been approved for private access. Please contact Gnommi using a private message to be upgraded.

    We ask that you keep tabs on what is going on in the forums at least once per week. We post strategies for raids, guild news, policy updates, and ask for input and feedback through these forums. Also, there is some funny stuff on here if you need a laugh. When you first join you might be overwhelmed by the thousands of posts, so just mark all forums read and start following the important ones (raid chat, your class's subforum, strategy, etc.) as much as you can.

    3. Registering on raid sign ups (step by step instructions).

    * Goto our "Raid Signup" section
    * Click the "Register" button on the left hand side
    * You will be asked for a user name, password and email (Please use your main toon's name so we know who you are)(Please also use an email addy that you can be reached at)
    * Once you have done this, your account will need to be approved. You can speed up this process by sending a private message to Gnommi letting him know that you have registered.
    * Once you have been approved you will see several new buttons on the left. Clicking profile will allow you to enter all of your toons that are able to raid (level 80's only please). You can ignore where it asks for resistance numbers.
    * After you have entered you toons, you can now sign up for raids by going to the calendar and clicking the raid you want to go on. It will show you that raid and at the bottom will be a drop down with your toons that have been entered. Choose who you are bringing and click submit.

    You may sign up for multiple raids of the same type (2 Ulduar runs during the same week) if you are available, and we will slot you where we can use you best. Once slotted, we will move your other signup to canceled.

    4. Declaring a main toon and main spec.

    In order to run our loot system as fairly as possible, we need to know what your main toon and main spec are. We allow changes of main toons once every six months (to prevent people from gearing, then discarding toons). We are more flexible about main spec changes, however we prefer people pick something they like and try to be consistent about it.

    Please go to and make a post detailing your main if you have not done so. People who haven't may miss out on opportunities to roll on loot for their main over other people's alts.

    5. Leaving the guild

    We know that from time to time people are going feel they can get something they want from another guild. We have no problem with that happening, but have a standing policy that if you leave for greener pastures you may not be invited back, if you are not happy there. We also do not allow players to take their main toon (esp if we have helped gear it up) away to another guild, and leave their alts in Carpe Imperium, to run with us. If you leave the guild, then you need to pull out all your alts also. We do not want to play second fiddle to another guild.
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    Default Raiding


    1. Attendance

    Carpe Imperium is not a hardcore guild. We all have lives that take priority to raiding. However, we also realize that raids are cooperative endeavors that depend on 10 or 25 people meeting at a set time to accomplish something as a team.

    In order to balance these realities, we have decided to not require minimum raid attendance. However, we ask that if you sign up for a raid that you do actually attend it, or give more than 24 hours prior notice of any cancellation. This allows us to slot people in to make balanced compositions with the greatest chance of success. It also allows people to plan their weeks for when they are raiding and when they are not.

    Currently, the guild does not run anything prior to Tier Nine content. If you need to gear up in order to be viable for Tier Nine raiding, we recommend you run heroics to farm Conquest Badges to gear up. If you wish to have an unofficial lower level raid adding to our raiding calendar on an off day we can accommodate that, provided that you are willing to run the raid yourself.

    2. Progression versus Farm

    All raids are not created equally. Some raids, due to their extra challenging nature are considered progression content. Newer encounters, such as Ulduar, and more difficult challenges, such as OS 3 drakes, all fall into this category. Progression raids require the best geared, most skilled, most attentive raiders in order to succeed. We are picky about fielding well composed raid groups that are populated by raiders who have earned our trust.

    It is understandable that some people who want to go to these runs and cannot will be upset. Rather than complain or cause a stink about it, we suggest that you take the time to consult with your class leader, research the encounters, and figure out how you can improve. Your performance in our 25 man tier seven encounters will dictate whether you will be accepted in the next level of content. We monitor DPS/HPS, interrupts and cleanses, avoiding environmental damage, following instructions, preparation, ability to cope with changing circumstances, reliability with sign ups, and overall teamwork when considering who is going to be accepted to progression runs.

    Just like in baseball, you need to prove yourself in the farm league before you get an invitation to the big game.

    3. Expectations of raiders.

    We have certain expectations of our raiders. These expectations are in place to help us be as effective as possible, and to achieve the success that we are all striving for. These expectations are, in no particular order:

    Bring enough of the appropriate flask for the whole night
    Come fully repaired, have enough gold to repair all night
    Be inside the instance, ready to go at raid time (7:00 server)
    Bring enough reagants for the entire night
    Bring enough potions for the entire night
    Follow the instructions of the raid leader, do not argue
    Be constructive in criticism, do not put down fellow raiders
    Do not leave early without prior approval (10:30 server is raid end time)
    Do not go AFK without whispering an officer first (frequent breaks are given throughout the raid)

    4. Improvement

    If you are not achieving your full potential in raids, there are many ways that we can help you to step it up.

    First, our forums are full of useful information and links to information that can help increase DPS or HPS. Each class forum has class specific resources, however some general resources that are useful for all classes can be found here:

    Our guild posts full combat log parses after each guild sponsored raid. Keeping track of your own progress from raid to raid and comparing yourself to other members of your class can help give an idea of where your performance ranks in the grand scheme of things. Those meters can be found at:

    Also, please be aware that our guild has many excellent class leaders who are willing to give tips and tricks to improve your performance. Be sure to seek out their advice when needed.

    If you are consistently not able to perform as needed to fill your raid slot, and have not made the necessary efforts to improve you may no longer be invited to raids. We do not exclude people from raids for having one bad night, we exclude people who consistently demonstrate an inability to fulfill their role and to play to the level necessary for us to achieve our goals as a group.

    5. Add ons

    Carpe Imperium requires all raiders to have certain add ons installed, configured and ready to use prior to all raids. These are:

    Omen Threat Meter
    Deadly Boss Mods
    Teamspeak (need to listen, speaking not required)
    Decursive / Healbot / Grid (one of these if you are a healer or can decurse)
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    Default Communication is Key


    1. Language.

    Carpe Imperium strives to create an environment that is fun and friendly. To do so while managing the expectations of dozens of people from different backgrounds can be difficult.

    Over time we have come to have a fairly nuanced policy regarding language. In the on screen printed context of guild chat and in the forums, we ask that profanity not be used. Many of our members have children who may be in the room as they are playing or may be offended by such language on the forums.

    On Teamspeak, we allow a bit freer reign. During an especially frustrating boss wipe you may hear a couple "colorful metaphors" let slip. Profanity, dirty jokes, and general lewdness are all accepted on TS. However, it is important to distinguish good natured humor from mean spirited insults and hateful speech. We are especially unwilling to accept racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate speech.

    The idea behind this type of ruling is this: You cannot escape guild or forum chat if you don't want to see it, but you can leave a TS channel for another if the language is bothering you. Also, if an officer of the guild asks you to tone it down, even on TS, you will be expected to respect the request. If you have an issue with someone's language, please take to an officer.

    2. Conduct.

    As has already been touched upon, when you are a member of CI you are a representative of all of us. Please ask yourself how you can best represent the guild.

    Within the guild, we have a few basic policies on conduct. Asking people if they are interested in running dungeons or questing with you is very much a part of the reason for joining CI. Begging for runs, especially for older content which few players are interested in, is not a good way to represent yourself or us. Ask a couple times in guild chat, try the LFG feature, look in trade or general chat in one of the big cities. Please do not harass our members who are trying to work on something else.

    Begging for gold is similarly taboo. There are literally dozens of ways to raise money in this game. These include running dailies, working professions, and running heroics for shards and orbs. Please consider using these tactics instead of asking for handouts.

    We ask that members do not post recount or other similar meters into guild chat. Similarly, we ask that members not use mods that report directly into guild chat. We ask this because having people constantly posting into guild chat makes it difficult to communicate effectively. Also, posting meters mid-run can sometimes lead to an unhealthy emphasis on topping the charts instead of doing the other important components of a raider's job such as avoiding environmental damage, cleansing, etc. We will post full combat log parses on the forums after every raid.

    Finally, certain topics tend to be inflammatory and lead to hurt feelings. Religion and politics fall into this category. We have no strict prohibition on discussion of these topics, however we ask that anyone who wishes to discuss them do so in a private channel on TS or outside of /guild chat. Be respectful of the fact that we have a diverse group of individuals who come from all walks of life and represent many different viewpoints.

    3. TS mandatory for raids

    Teamspeak is mandatory for all raids run by Carpe Imperium. We ask that every raider is at least able to listen in for cues and instructions from the raid leader.

    Being able to speak is not mandatory, though we do appreciate getting people on TS and talking with everyone.

    Part of the charm of our guild is the many distinct personalities that make it up. The best way to feel a part of our team is to join in and be part of the conversation.

    During raids we ask people keep teamspeak relatively quiet during boss fights. Other than that, we encourage conversation.
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    Default Transacting Business


    1. Basics

    Carpe Imperium operates a very well stocked guild bank. We offer items at 1/2 Auction House price for our full members. The items on the Sale, Mats and Herbs, and Books and Such tabs are all available for purchase.

    Typically, members make use of the bank to help defray the cost of gemming and enchanting raid loot. Please do not put top of the line enchants on blue pre-raiding gear as we have a finite supply of mats to meet the needs of all our members.

    Also, if you are looking to gear up your character, please be aware that there are BOE epics from inside raids that are also available for purchase.

    2. Requests

    If you wish to purchase something please make a request at the banking officer will set a price, after which time any officer can retrieve the item and sell it to you in game or send it COD.

    We keep a list of the common enchanting mats that are most often requested. This is to streamline the process of getting materials following a raid. That price list is at "guild bank mats price list". (It is traditional to list enchant being done along with your needed enchanting mats)

    *** WARNING *** Any member found either selling items/mats purchased, or using them for other non-guild members will be removed from the guild.

    3. Miscellaneous

    The guild bank benefits our members in other ways. The guild funds fish feasts for all raiders, and also provides repair bots for our engineers to drop in raids. Periodically, the guild will sponsor contests either on the forums or in game. Our contests disburse literally thousands of gold to our members. We have run trivia contests, scavenger hunts, and PVP tournaments among other events.

    The guild bank also buys mats from our members that are used to make flasks and fish feasts. Prices of the items we are currently buying can be found here:
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    Default To the Victor Go the Spoils


    1. Philosophy

    Carpe Imperium strives to be fair and effective in how we distribute loot. These dual priorities inform our entire philosophy regarding the sweet rewards of raiding.

    Fairness means that we do not favor long time members over new members. We don't favor people who routinely top the charts over people who are more moderate contributors. Conversely, when someone is not pulling their weight and are a detriment to the rest of the group, we may not invite them to future raids in order to ensure that loot is distributed to people who can use it best.

    Efficacy means that we strive to be effective in distributing loot. This means we try to do loot rolls quickly so as not to waste a lot of our raid time. It also means that we use as simple a loot system as possible in order to accomplish these goals.

    To this end, Carpe Imperium uses a need/greed system. Each raider gets one need roll for their main spec. You must use your need roll before you can roll greed on main spec items. Greed rolls can be used for off spec items at any point.

    2. Main Over Alt

    In order to distribute loot in a way that fairly benefits the guild as a whole we have chosen to assign preference to main characters versus alt characters. Further, we assign preference to main spec over off spec. In order for us to know which is your main toon and main spec you must make a post declaring your main in the "My main is..." thread. You may only change your main spec every six months, if that change will change your toons role. (ie: healer to tank to dps)

    3. Switching

    Sometimes the guild asks a member to switch characters or specs to help satisfy the requirements of a particular encounter. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes the person who switches is given permission to roll as a main even on one of their alt characters. For this to occur the following must be true:

    1. The person signed up for the raid on their main character
    2. The person was asked by the raid leader to switch to another character to make the run happen

    Following the introduction of dual spec, we have decided not to allow people who switch specs for particular encounters to change what the roll on for their main. This is due to the ease of switching mid-raid.

    4. Rolls Carry Over

    Sometimes a raid is scheduled over the course of two or more nights. When this is the case need and greed rolls carry over. What this means is that someone who has used their need roll will have to use greed rolls to win further loot on the second night. (Raiders who join a continuing raid, in order to fill an empty spot, will receive a need roll prior to greeding) This is done to ensure that people who only need loot from the very end of the instance don't have to compete against the entire raid on the second day. This helps spread the loot out to as many people as possible, keeping in line with our overall philosophy.

    5. Loot Council

    Rarely, certain items may be distributed via loot council. These are items that are logistically difficult to distribute via need/greed. An example of such an item is something like the key to the focusing iris. That item is required to begin a raid encounter, so loot council distributed five copies of the item to key raiders with very high attendance. Afterward, subsequent rolls followed the regular need/greed.

    6. Loot Flowchart

    For added clarity, we have constructed a flow chart that shows the order of priority for loot rolls. See the thread at for a more in depth discussion on the details of our policy. For simplicity sake, the following chart can be consulted:

    Order of Importance

    1. Raid Leader discretion
    2. Member Need Roll, Main Set
    3. Member Alt Need Roll, Main Set
    4. Initiate Need Roll, Main Set
    5. Member Greed Roll, Main Set
    6. Member Greed Roll, Off Set
    7. Member Alt Greed Roll, Main/Off Set
    8. Initiate Greed Roll, Main/Off Set
    9. Disenchant
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    Default Raider Rank


    As of July 2009, Carpe Imperium has formalized the distinction between our raiders and members.

    What this means is we recognize our guild members who consistently show up to raids on time, prepared, and perform to or exceed expectations. These raiders are slotted prior to regular members for raids.

    This is something all raiding guilds do, whether it be formally or informally. Carpe Imperium has formalized the arrangement in order to be fair and transparent in our raiding process.

    Regular members are at no disadvantage in loot rolls, and are still able to sign up for all of our raids. However, we will typically slot our raiders first and slot members only 1 - 2 days prior to the raid.

    If you feel like you deserve promotion from member to raider status please contact your class leader via the forums for review.

    One of the major benefits of attaining raider rank is that the guild bank will supply any raider rank or above, who is in the raid instance between 6:30 - 6:45 and ready to go, four flasks of their choosing for greatly reduced prices. The intention is to help defray the cost of raiding for our most valued, dedicated members.
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