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Thread: Speed Run GOOOOO

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    Default Speed Run GOOOOO

    Just wanted to drop a note letting you guys know that we managed to down all the bosses in Naxx within normal raid time last night. This was even with two wipes, taking two breaks, and 9 manning it for a little bit.

    I want to thank everyone who came out, did their absolute best, and really helped to keep the pedal to the metal. SPEED RUN GOOOOOOOOO!
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    speed run STOP!
    ...NOW GO AGAIN!
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    Good job guys, hopefully the other group will see your example and do the same this week.
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    A mass golden shower upon this last response
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    Gotta be some way to enable a strict security measure...typing whatever words are in the box stuff. Maybe make it so an account needs to be approved before they can post...just have a possible recruit make the account in their characters name, then let someone know that they did so.

    On topic: sounds like fun. I would be down to do on one of these if you do em again, that or set up an achievement team...I know I am only missing a couple of them.

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    Ether would be the man to go to for old stuff runs
    Fap * Shaman * 2007-2014 * RIP
    "Hey! Did you get that thing I sent you?!." -That guy who sent you that one thing

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    Ill tank all over the old achievements Wouldnt mind going back to my old stomping grounds of 25 naxx and facerolling em

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