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03-06-2002, 11:55 AM
First of all,

Our webspace was full again, Sorry for that but were thinking of deleting some pr0n so that will be fixed soon http://smilies.clanci.net/tongue.gif

ECi has played both Jolt- and BarrysWorld league this week.

Matchresults for ECi:

Ci game 1: 3-1 Game 2: 6-1 Y2K Glacier][
Thxs for the fun game Y2K. Ci had a comfortable win, also our ping was pretty good. So hands up for jolt http://smilies.clanci.net/wink.gif

[Ci] 1 - 2 0 - 1 ~f~ 4
We hadn't enough players with normal pings. So that was a reason for the bad performance.
GG's ~f~. Gl with last weeks off Barrysworld.

This week

Tuesday 5 March, Jolt game vs [=G@=]. We already played that game score was 0-5 and a default loss. More news about that will follow next week.

Thursday 7 March, Praccytime,

Saturday 9 March, Ci - Rally

Sunday 10 March, BarrysWorld, map: Lavagiant vs {PA}


03-06-2002, 04:57 PM
The 11th Ci is 2 years old

I was planning on having a fragfest the 10th about 1 hour after the BW game.

03-07-2002, 12:15 PM
Cool idea, Slachter. http://smilies.clanci.net/cool.gif