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02-18-2002, 12:03 PM
A bad week for ECi on Jolt and BW.

Tuesday 12 was Jolt. We played ^KoC^ on Ranel-Jolt Edition. We lost both games. 0-6 and 1-9.
Server was crappy as usual with pingspikes, lag and packetloss for everyone. From what can be read in the Jolt forums, a lot of clans have this problems. Jolt is not only a matter of skills, you must also have luck, both with your connection and the server you play on.

Sunday 17 was BW. We played CUT on Dreary. We lost both games 2-3 and 2-6.
Once again we lost a game in the last minutes. From 2-1 to 2-3 in the last minute.
Second game we had to play 4-5 for some time when Loib's PC crashed somewhere in the middle of the game. CUT made 3 caps until Loib was back again.
CUT played very aggressive and attacked almost all the time, putting a hard pressure on our D, and they succeeded in their tactics. Well played CUT.

Good news:
Stosh is working hard to get ACi back on feet again and he seems to make it.
Horray for Stosh and the other guys in ACi who shows willing.

Both ACi and ECi are still recruiting.
ACi have some guys Stosh is working on.
ECi have some people interested in joining too.

Next week:
Tuesday 19 Jolt, ECi play UFL on Terra-LE102
Thursday 21 Praccy
Sunday 24 BW, ECi play NWNK on NovemberCE105

02-19-2002, 03:05 PM
Well written summary http://smilies.clanci.net/smile.gif