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07-19-2001, 12:15 PM
A Story of Twats, PingWhines and the Righteous.

I am fecking proud of you guys. While you sat through this (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/26ping.gif), this (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/Masternotteamtalking1.gif), this (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/Masternotteamtalking2.gif), this (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/Weareashitclan.gif) and finally this (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/lastminute.gif), you managed to pull of a well earned victory (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/Ci-TH-NovGame1.jpg). Well played everyone, from the people in the server to the people watching in irc, everyone kept their cool, and didn't let them drag us down to their level. Of course they didn't like being beaten by a shit clan (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/Weareashitclan.gif) (What does that make them??), so instead of the allowed one minute inbetween games they stalled, and whined, and cursed, and shouted, and even threatened the admin, in the end they finally found their long lost ultr@-1337 fragger and beat us. Further details on the match can be found in this irclog (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/joltleague7.quakenet.log.txt) or on this page (http://www.clanci.barrysworld.net/images/th-master/).

Some Backgrounds on Clan Trigger Happy (http://www.thclan.co.uk).
One of their most basic rules:
"Joining other clans is acceptable and infact I consider it beneficial to [TH]^".
About behaviour in irc and in matches:
"Any members actions reflect badly on the rest of the clan, hence gloating or slagging off other clans/players while using your clan alias is not acceptable unless its justified then we will all join in http://smilies.clanci.net/wink.gif Being immature in irc/matches or abusive in league matches are the only reasons people will be kicked from the clan once full membership has been gained."

I guess their sorry excuse for a clanleader will not kick himself for this. GG MA&#36T3R!! It clearly shows you studied long and hard on how to become as 1337 (http://x2.themirror.nl/1337.php) as possible, you succeeded m8.