View Full Version : ECTF News Update - No Rest for the Weary

09-16-2001, 03:56 PM
Like everyone in the world we were extremely shocked by the attacks that took place in the United States of America. Our thoughts go out to all who have lost loved ones. We are very glad all our US members are ok, as far as you can speak of ok in a situation as severe as this.. Have Strength!

<b style="font-weight:bold; color:#EFBC6A">Jolt:[/b]
As a direct result of the attacks in the US we, understandably, didn't want to play. Luckily Resonate of jolt realized this too and the games got postponed untill thursday. So thursday was the day 666 - Lucifers Children got to kick our asses on NovemberCE.

On saturday we had a nice practice vs cz1 again, very good games!

<b style="font-weight:bold; color:#EFBC6A">BarrysWorld:[/b]
So, sunday was the BW night on which we had to play 2 postponed matches. Vs DMF we won at least one game on Glacier][, the other is still 'in consideration' for a possible rules infraction - will edit this post if more info gets known. After this game there was no rest, as we had to play top contenders KEA on NovemberCE. We won both games! Well played Ci!