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10-30-2001, 04:20 AM
This is the maplist of The Slaughter House (unreal://tsh.carpeimperium.com), it is the complete list of BarrysWorld (http://leagues.barrysworld.net/bwutctfl/) and jolt (http://www.utctf.jolt.co.uk/) maps and it is non-negotiable http://smilies.clanci.net/aniwink.gif:

Glacier][ (ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/unrealtournament/maps/bwctfl/ctf-glacier][.zip)
Terra-LE102 (http://www.utctf.jolt.co.uk/downloads/ctf-terra-le102.zip)
Orbital-LE100 (http://www.utctf.jolt.co.uk/downloads/ctf-orbital-le100.zip)
NovemberCE105 (http://www.utctf.jolt.co.uk/downloads/ctf-novemberce105.zip)
Revenge-LE100 (ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/unrealtournament/maps/ctf/ctf-revenge-le100.zip)*
BollWerk105 (http://www.utctf.jolt.co.uk/downloads/ctf-bollwerk105.zip)
McSchwartzly][ (ftp://ftp.barrysworld.com/pub/games/unrealtournament/maps/bwctfl/ctf-McSwartzly2.zip)

* - this map may change to a higher LE version once more bugs are removed.

It is also set up with CTFDoTheRightThing to promote teamplay amongst you egoistical llamas and the Redeemer is off (get some skills, newbs). When the server crashes it is set to restart with CTF-Face.

Some people will have adminlogin, in case I am not around - drop by in #clanci if you find lamers, or want to play a certain map out of the list.

Oh, one more thing, if the connection of the server goes fubar, you will lag and lose packets like nothing you have ever seen before. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that I will have that condition to all other servers except TSH. Go find another server in this case because there is nothing I can do for it to get better (whining & complaining won't help and will only make me sad).

Happy Fragging http://smilies.clanci.net/disco.gif.

Comments can be made in this forum thread (http://forums.carpeimperium.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=5&topic=4).