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07-15-2006, 01:08 PM
Why you like to play WoW and what are your goals in the game?I like to play WoW because I get to meet new people and I enjoy taking my frustrations out on the horde. ( I like to PvP) My current goal is to get an epic mount, as Tvcnemesis was going to buy me one but I wanted to do it myself. :smilewink:

Past games and how long you played them?Umm minesweeper. not sure it was long time ago.

Past WoW toons, classes, and servers?Xember is my main 60 hunter however I also have one of every class aside from warlock (which I have on another server)

Any guild or raid experience you may have?I was in charge of keeping track of dkp for my former guild (raid tracker). Also I have done all boss's in MC aside from Rag. and only about 2 boss's into BWL.

Talents, builds, and gear if you are level 60? My current build is 5/31/15. I have 6 of 8 giantstalker my sinew all I am lacking is belt and bracers.

Professions and skills? I am currently still working on tailoring :blink: and I just picked up skinning. I'm really not a big fan of professions but I'm trying. :P

How you heard about Carpe Imperium?Tvcnemesis or also known as Agro (the ticking bomb). I have seen the guild tag more and more around.

07-15-2006, 01:13 PM
Hooray Xember! and btw you have done Rag in MC just not successfully :D

07-17-2006, 07:57 AM
Xember, sounds like you have some really great things giong on in the game and with your skills in game. Unfortunately, we are over full on Hunters. It would not be fair to our current Hunter population to add another one. However, this may not always be the case please check back with us from time to time.

07-18-2006, 04:04 AM
Aww that's too bad. As I will not go anywhere with out Xem. But be sure to keep us informed as to when you may have an opening. thanks and goodluck. Tvcnemesis.:frown:

07-24-2006, 11:23 PM
Xember is an AWESOME hunter. Excels in PvP

perfect for CI :cool::tup:

07-25-2006, 12:37 AM
Yeah if she is strictly pvp based, why the problem with the number of hunters?