View Full Version : Jolt season comes to an end...

09-18-2001, 04:41 PM
Tonight was our last match for the Jolt UT CTF league (http://www.utctf.jolt.co.uk/): we played G2F (http://g2f.xs3.com/) on LavaGiant and Ci managed to win both games by a comfortable margin. On behalf of our team I'd like to thank G2F for their very good attitude throughout both games. They had players dropping from the server like flies during the first game, but never complained about their connections or the teams. GGs G2F, and good luck in the next Jolt season. http://smilies.clanci.net/smile.gif</p>

So. Well. Tonight's win left us on the eighth place of our division (out of 10 clans http://smilies.clanci.net/O_o.gif). Does that mean we suck?! Hell no! We entered the Jolt league for fun, never intending to win the division or anything. Several of the clans in our division were expected to give us a good whoopin', and we mainly set out to prevent that from happening, and to possibly nibble some points from their rankings. We managed to do that on several occasions, so I'm quite satisfied with our results in the Jolt league.:)</p>

Barrysworld update:</p>

Last night I wrote that we'd replay the first game of Glacier][ vs DMF (http://dmf.4t.com/). Some time after that the BarrysWorld tables and schedule were changed, so it now appears we won't replay the game: the 1-3 loss stands. This means that we not only need to win our final match against NFK (http://nfk.accao.net/), but that even if we do our final rank in our division depends on the result of KEA vs 2T.