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02-04-2002, 11:27 AM
Those shocking words from Azmo, our rough Captain for ECi, met us in our forum 23 Jan, 2002.
The panic spread through the clan. "Is he deserting?", "How can we go on without our big leader?", "Is this the end for us?", was questions that run through our heads.
After a time we found us self again. No, he was not deserting. He will still be with us, but he thought he hadn't time enough to keep the responsibilty for this nice bunch of guys. (That's us)
We had to find a new captain and a clanmeeting was held.

Before I introduce the new captain for you, please stand up and give a big applause for Azmo and for the great work he has done as captain for ECi and the great work he's still doing for the entire clan.
(applause here)
go on
Ok, that's enough.

Let me introduce to you, our great leader, the new captain for ECi, Pro|filer ...
(applause here)
and as new lieutenant, Swedix
(Hmm, that's me. Ah wth, applause here too)

We welcome Profiler as our new captain and we belive he will do a good work.

02-04-2002, 12:26 PM
damn you, Swedix!! don't ever scare me like that again! http://smilies.clanci.net/shocked.gif http://smilies.clanci.net/raisebrow.gif phew, i'm going to need a few drinks now... http://smilies.clanci.net/wink.gif

anyway, a warm welcome to Pro as our new captain (/me cheers) and also a warm welcome to our new lt Swedix (/me does The Wave by himself) i know you two are going to do the no-mercy-and-gimme-50 routine on the rest of us, so we're sure to get into shape in no time. http://smilies.clanci.net/biggrin.gif i have complete confidence in yu0!

02-04-2002, 01:10 PM
congrats to the new power hungry peeps. er, i meant, leaders and people of power.

02-04-2002, 01:40 PM
Wheee, an official post http://smilies.clanci.net/wink.gif.
Grats to pro and Swe, and thx to Az for being the nice guy that he is and risking a shorter life span due to the many stress situations when leading Ci http://smilies.clanci.net/wink.gif.

02-04-2002, 02:15 PM
and good riddance too http://smilies.clanci.net/aniwink.gif

02-05-2002, 06:43 AM
I'm gonna do my best guys, i wanted to poste but i hadn't enough time or my isp was b0rked so thxs Swedix for a nice poste.

Lets kill for Honor and Caps http://smilies.clanci.net/biggrin.gif

Robot TinMan
02-06-2002, 11:54 AM
Holy cr@p!
Don't ever start threads with that kinda topic. http://smilies.clanci.net/shocked.gif

Anyways, good luck to both of ya and props to Az for the patience he must've had with all U guys. http://smilies.clanci.net/tongue.gif