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02-01-2006, 02:12 PM
It was a long hard road of Sundays, but we made it through & shined in the face of many obstacles over a number of months.

Here's a quick recap of the season's games:

Win vs Heavy Metal 9/4/05
DM-Goliath... Them: 5... Us: 10
DM-DE-GrendelKeep... Them: 7... Us: 10
DM-Seraphim2004LE... not played

Win vs Death Stalkers 9/18/05
DM-Goose2k4... Us: 10... Them: 8
DM-Campgrounds2k4-G1E... Us: 10... Them: 3
DM-Waisten... not played

Win vs Intelligent Gamerz 9/25/05
DM-Goose2k4... Us: 10... Them: 8
DM-Campgrounds2k4-G1E... Us: 10... Them: 3
DM-Waisten... not played

Win vs Team Korrupt :: Deux:: 10/2/05
DM-Antalus... Us: 10... Them: 4
DM-Corrugation... Us: 8... Them: 10
DM-Ages... Us: 10... Them: 8

Win vs Xcessive Force 10/23/05
DM-Goose2k4... Us: 10... Them: 3
DM-Antalus... Us: 10... Them: 4
DM-Akbal2K4... not played

Forfeit win vs Sharks Riding Pandas 11/6/2005 due to no-show

Regular season record: 8-0 (we had 2 byes)

We then moved into the double elimination playoffs.

Round 1 vs idiotae: Win 11/27/05
DM-Rankin... Us: 10... Them: 8
DM-DE-Grendelkeep... Us: 7... Them: 10
DM-Goose2k4... Us: 10... Them: 3

Round 2 vs Sharks Riding Pandas: Loss 12/4/05
DM-Goliath... Us: 3... Them: 10
DM-Campgrounds... Us: 1... Them: 10
DM-Seraphim2k4... not played

Round 3 vs borderline: Loss 12/11/05
DM-Goliath ... Us: 5... Them: 10
DM-Campgrounds ... Us: 7... Them: 10
DM-Seraphim2k4... not played

And there you have it.
I think we all had a great time with this league, and would like to thank all of our competitors for showing up & playing us. We appreciate the exposure to teams we hadn't played before, and I think we all came away with some new tricks & strengths. :)

With that, I'd like to thank & say congrats to our 3spn league roster, which consisted of the following players:

Sally (Cerb)
Renegade Retard

I'm not exactly sure where we ended up in the overall rankings, but here's the end result picture we were given:

1 - Gravity/SRP
2 - Defthreats
3-4 - Lords of Brooklyn and einherjar
5-8 - borderLine, Machina, Behemoth, Teh Care Bears
9-16 - NBK, TcO,idiotae, K1, The Sinners, KoNA, Carpe Imperium and finally 187.

As a result of our rank, we earned ourselves a $75 gift cert to Amazon.com that could be split between our roster. :woot:

Nobody could really decide who got some of the pie, and it ended up quickly becoming a game of hot-potato, with our guys generously offering it up to the next person. I'll tell you this much, we've got a good group of peeps here. Lots of team appreciation & camaraderie. :tumble:

They're so nice in fact, I had to step in with some random number hax & say who got some of the prize. :D We ended up drawing 3 random players from the roster, and after a little more hot potato :rolleyes: ;) ended up with our prize winners:

Cerberus, m&ms, and BoboThePenguin

Congrats guys! Your info has been forwarded to MaStur, and hopefully your gift certs should be emailed to you very soon.

Again, a huge congrats and job well done to our team, GGs to our competitors - see you on the ladders!, and a big Thanks to the 3spn team for putting this together & offering up some incentive for us to play. :tup:


02-01-2006, 03:06 PM
nice job everyone.
They were some of the funnest matches i'd played in a long time.

02-02-2006, 05:23 AM
Well done people :tup:

02-03-2006, 10:10 AM
great job guys, much love and respect - good result :)

02-04-2006, 05:42 PM
Twas very fun; I am really happy I was able to play!


02-16-2006, 09:02 PM
Congrats guys!