View Full Version : ECi Onslaught April

05-02-2004, 04:14 AM
A month into UT2004 Onslaught 'competetion' The European Onslaught Squad has played 11 matches and friendlies. We probably met some of the strongest teams around in the first two weeks, but that's the risk when you enter a ladder early ;)a.

We are active in CB, both on the ladder and very soon in the Hosted Cup and we also play in the Jolt League.

All in all we had five victories, five losses and a draw.

Through some bizarre twist of faith the Cup admins of the CB Hosted Cup were really impressed by us, and decided to put us in the premier league, where we will meet the remainder of the top clans - those we haven't played yet. This hasn't been deciced yet, since we have to play a qualifier vs Phalanx, a clan that some of you may remember from the UT era.

We're still looking for a couple of players to reinforce our squads - if you're into CTF and looking for a clan, ask around in irc or the forums - if you have a friend who is also into CTF, bring him around too, the more the merrier :). For ONS we could use a couple of extra dedicated players as well, technically we have enough, but due to the sheer number of games this month it'd be nice to have some more players in the player pool - joining us almost equals playing time! Due to the expected strenght of our opponents you should have some experience in pointing, clicking and pushing keys, experience in working together in a team is a major plus too.