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12-22-2003, 03:47 PM
North American Ci and clan OUF have formed a partnership to bolster our teams in both CTF and BR. ]OUF[Duo, the current Captain of OUF is a former Ci'er, so we already had a good working background. We have kept in close contact and recently brainstormed this idea to inject new energy into both clans during the wait for UT2004.

Fortunately there is no conflict of interest due to the fact that we play different game types. We will be seeding each others ladder teams to bring up our gameplay and working with each other to become better all around players. You will notice that members from each team have already registered with the other clan's roster in PG. During gameplay we will use our tags based on the gametype. So all CTF games will be [Ci] and all BR games will be ]OUF[. Once UT2004 is out we will be discussing how the partnership may evolve, including potential new gametypes for our clan's.

OUF is considered one of the top BR clans. They have formidable fragging skills, excellent teamwork and are a great bunch of guys. :tup:

Join us in welcoming OUF to the Ci world of CTF :)

...and wish ACi luck trying to figure out how to pass a large metallic sphere :o :blink: ;)

12-22-2003, 03:58 PM
We've practiced alot with OUF lately, getting them up to date with that area of game play. They are learning quickly, and we hope to be active on the PG ladders within a couple of weeks. :naughty:

On another note, I played my first Bombing Run match with them last night. I did fairly well personally, and as a team we worked wonders. We came out with a win after two maps. :tup:

12-22-2003, 05:01 PM
\o/ good stuff for getting this ball scored, and not just rolling.

:tup: new look 'let's get things done' Ci.

12-22-2003, 06:52 PM
Roger that Edhe - thanks to you and Sek for all the support :D

Robot TinMan
12-23-2003, 01:58 AM
Welcome "back", Duo. ;)

Congrats all!

12-23-2003, 06:23 AM
Nice job :)

12-23-2003, 02:17 PM
Just for the record... The Ci-OUF partership was my idea. :approve: