View Full Version : Carpe Imperiums North American Squad on the move

10-23-2003, 08:54 AM
Our North American Squad also known as ACi is returning after taking the summer of to pursue something called Real Life. When the aweful truth was discovered that Real Life sucked they all came back to the comforts of their warm glowing monitors to frag again.

Their first scrim this week was against HOF(results: 9-0 Chrome, 6-3 Citadel, 8-0 Orbital). GG's were had by all and HOF was a great clan to scrim against. Lastnight they played Horizon(results: inconclusive ;) ). This one got started a little late however once things were underway everyone had a great time. The good news is that ACi is considereing a return to the Proving Grounds ladder while we await UT2004.

If your interested in scrimming us contact Ominous to arrange the details.