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07-01-2003, 12:41 PM
Things are going pretty well for the North American squad. The Flag Carrier Cup (http://fcc.ultraunreal.com/) League/Tournament started this month. It's worked out a bit odd for Carpe Imperium. Our division has 5 teams (whereas all others have 4). Due to the odd number of teams, we wind up playing only 2 matches (instead of 3) prior to the tournament playoff. Our first match went well. We played a pickup team that comprised of a few Zeta members and some other players. A solid victory on Chrome 3-0 and on our home map of Electric Fields 4-0. We go up against Atomic Rage this week. This is a very good team that we happened to beat in a Proving Grounds (http://www.provinggrounds.com) match this month.

Things are kind of slow on the OGL (http://www.worldogl.com) ladder. The ladder is down to 15 teams, and we've only played two matches (both victories) this month. We are currently ranked 8th on Proving Grounds (http://www.provinggrounds.com) and 12th on OGL (http://www.worldogl.com)

Here are the results of our June skirmishes:


07-01-2003, 03:47 PM
I'm so proud of you guys for keeping the PG top 10 position. Especially since I know what you went through during ECi's reign of terror ( ;)a ). Keep it up, please.