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05-25-2003, 04:18 PM
Long time, no news

There's been quite a few happenings since the last time I let myself down to write a news post. :P
Let's do it chronologically:

12.05.2003 - CB Match vs ::VeC::
Not much to report other than that these guys are really good sports :)
Ci took both DoubleDammage (3-0) and Chrome (1-0), not without some heavy resistance though...::VeC:: certainly knows their shock rifle. GGs :)

13.05.2003 - Wireplay CTF Season 01
Tuesday, Wireplay match...or so we thought. Our opponent FBA drops from the league and no replacement can be found. [Ci] is awarded a default victory.

20.05.2003 - Wireplay CTF Season 01
Another Tuesday, another chance to take. This time we were up against nF.
nF contacted me about using another server for the actual match than the suggested Wireplay one because their routing to the Wireplay server location was messed. However the server they suggested had other problems which left two players of [Ci] unable to connect...after trying 4 servers with various problems (Instagib DM-Plunge, anyone?) we finally landed on one everyone could join and the admin had control over. However the pings were pretty bad on this server and the players generally were warping all over the place.
Result: Postpone

25.05.2003 - CB Re-Match vs. [_]
The original match had been some weeks ago. Both clans however agreed to re-play the match because the outcome was mostly decided by a dropped player on the side of [Ci]. However this time we agreed to pause on each player drop which made the games a lot better. :)
[Ci] swung themselves up to a dual win over [_] with 4-0 on CTF-Arrakis and 7-5 on CTF-Citadel. Well played Flatlinerz, and thanks for the re-match. :)

05-25-2003, 06:07 PM