View Full Version : North American Happenings!

04-02-2003, 07:49 AM
Its been a couple of months since I've posted any news from the North American squad. The first item on the list. [Ci]Prophetus, one of our good friends and long time members of Carpe Imperium has been deployed overseas. All of us wish him a speedy and safe return.

Life has been a little tough for myself, [Ci]Stosh. About three weeks ago, I took a spill, and wound up breaking my wrist. It looks like I am on injured reserve probably till mid May. In the meantime, [Ci]Ominous has been doing an excellent job running this squad. [Ci]CrazyCougar and [Ci]Slag have really helped out too. Everybody on this squad is working to make us a better, more competitive team. It's been kind of a mixed bag for the last 2 months. We've won a lot of scrims, though we lost a few tournament matchs. Our record on Proving Grounds is 5-2. and we are currently ranked 11th. Hopefully, we will be breaking into the top 10 this month.

Here are the results of our matches for the last couple of months.