View Full Version : Whats happening in North America?

02-11-2003, 07:46 AM
The first item to mention. We are sorry to lose one of our members. Daedalus has decided to go on to other pursuits. Speaking for all of Carpe Imperium, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Congratulations are in order for Peregrine. This feathered fellow has completed his training and is a full member of Carpe Imperium. Well Done!

The North American team has been very busy (as always). Ominious has been settting up weekly scrims and brought up the idea of Ci joining the CTF Team Single Elimination Pro Unreal Tournament. We have signed up for the tournament, though we are still waiting for it to get started. The North American squad is setting up a 1on1 tourney to see who gets bragging rights as the best fragger on the squad.

On to our Matches. After a couple of tough losses. Our team has come back with a vengence. Three wins in a row, including our first match on Proving Grounds. Last nights match was close. We hung on to win Geothermal, coming from behind to victory on Citadel, and an overtime win for December. Our next Proving Grounds match is scheduled for Thursday, February 13th vs. tWe. Follow along as we continue to spread fear and ownage throughout the Unreal Tournamen 2003 community.

Feb 10th - Scrim vs. Z^ Win! Geothermal 4-3, Citadel 6-5, December 3-2
Feb 6th - PG Match vs. FP Win! Chrome 3-0, Orbital2 6-0, Geothermal 8-1
Feb 5th - Scrim vs. 4F Win! Orbital2 6-1 , Chrome 4-0
Jan 28th - Scrim vs. {R} Loss! Orbital2 2-3 , Citadel 5-8
Jan 21st - Scrim vs. tSc Loss! Orbital2 2-3, Chrome 4-2, Citadel 1-6